A Thing of Boozy Beauty No. 1: Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell posters

The brief

A series of retro beer posters to explain the delights of unpasteurised Tankovna beer to bartenders and drinkers. The posters had to show how Tankovna should be served, emphasise its freshness and introduce tapsters – the brand’s beers champions.

The approach

Czech matchbooks
Czech matchbooks

Inspired by the brand’s history, Purple Creative researched 1920–30s Czech matchbooks and worked with illustrator Marcus Reed to create the posters.

David Walker, Senior Designer and Purple Creative, says: “Branded point-of-sale material is notoriously difficult to get sited in bars, so the posters were designed in an artistic Czech retro style so that bars actively wanted to put them on their walls

“We realised there was a need to educate drinkers on its perfect serve because it’s so different from how other beers should be served. The brand is about authenticity, so rather than simply invent something, we took inspiration from the early Czech matchbook designs.”

Marcus Reed's scamps
Marcus Reed’s scamps

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