A Thing of Boozy Beauty No. 2: Pirate’s Grog


The brief

To create the label for Pirate’s Grog No. 13, a new 13-year-old golden rum from the Caribbean island of Roatán.

The approach


The Pirate’s Grog team scoured the internet and found Romania-based illustrator Rob Forest who was given a rough sketch of the beach scene complete with pirate paraphernalia, logo and strapline to work on.

Marketing Director Beth Jones says the printing had to be ultra-premium and the design team was given a crash course in printing techniques including foil blocking, die stamping, blind embossing and die cutting before choosing to use die stamping on the label.

She says: “We really liked the 3D effect of the die stamping and decided to use two different gold Pantones to add extra depth. The printers use very traditional heavy die stamping presses after their skilled craftsmen have engraved steel dies.”

The rum comes in a black crock bottle, which allows the liquid to breathe and continue ageing after bottling.

Rob Forest’s sketching and inking


Digitising the sketch


Label detail

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