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Robbie Burns – Scottish drinking icon

Robbie Burns – Scottish drinking icon

No list of Scottish drinking heroes could be complete without the man who gives his name and spirit to Scotland’s national drinking party.

In Search of the Medieval Pint

medieval_pint_leadHot Rum Cow's Editor at Large brews up a batch of medieval beer

Pulque: the ultimate rebel drink

Pulque_MainWhat has 400 breasts, is rife with debauched rabbits and smells of revolution? The story of pulque.

Of myths, magic and mead

Mead to measureMabinogion is plotting a mead renaissance inspired by a psychedelic past

The history of drinking games

Lead-1Hot Rum Cow opens up a compendium of historic drinking games

Worth trying: Escubac

Escubac label detailA forgotten libation, brought back to the world once more