Cover of the Lager Issue of Hot Rum Cow

The Lager Issue

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PDF edition is available as part of The Lost Issues Volume 2

Hot Rum Cow is back, and we've got a hell of a round in. For this unashamedly populist issue, we bring you gallons and gallons of beer. Uppermost in our thoughts is lager – world-beating beer behemoth, insipid non-choice of the masses or a much misunderstood, complex and multi-faceted classic style. We bring you the lesser known story of lager's rise to world domination, from the frozen forests of Patagonia to the Great Exhibition in Paris.

We help you distinguish your Dunkels from your Dortmunders and we pit the best of British and American craft brews head-to-head in a re-run of The Revolutionary War.

Away from beer we've been set on fire by a shaman, serenaded by a porn star, shocked by the Eggnog Rioters and seduced by the most beautiful bottles in the world. After reading about that lot you'll probably need a drink.

How about vodka's rightful national drink, virgin's spit porridge, baby poo wine or an anti-malarial aperitif? Or what about Hot Rum Cow's very own beer, which we recently launched? The full story of our fruitful collaboration with Stewart Brewing is here too.