Typographic cover of the Sherry Issue of Hot Rum Cow

The Sherry Issue

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Join us as we romp through 3,000 years of sherry history like some jolly, portly Tudor king. We'll chart sherry's progress from globetrotting, all-conquering Spanish icon to doddery laughing stock, and back.

Obviously, we had to hit Jerez in search of sherry. But our quest for world domination didn't end there. We also pounded Poland to find the truth about bland vodka, bashed Belgium until it gave up the secrets of its mysterious Lambic beer, decked Denmark for being home to the world's most prolific beer tasters and lamped Lebanon for making world-beating wine against all the odds.

Closer to home we drew some surprising conclusions from our own twisted taste test, let Iron Chef Martin Blunos loose on the Buckfast Tonic Wine and chatted with Irish comedian Ed Byrne about getting 'altered' - Fiji-style.