The Fizz Issue

The Fizz Issue

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Bubbles improve life. They float, they explode, they make drinks fizzy. As you tip a glass to drink, they burst forth from the surface shooting the aromas of the booze up your nose. And as you quaff back the liquid, they dance around your mouth and tease your tongue. Hot Rum Cow’s 12th issue celebrates the bubble in all its forms.

It’s positively fizzing with:


  • The merry-making magic of bubbly booze: From royal scams to nitrobrews: a history of how we fell in love with fizz
  • The drink that shook a city: exploring the explosive life and enduring effervescence of the Fizz cocktail
  • Pure kvass: The Russian classic and how to make it
  • Wine from the wild side: Rehabilitating Lambrusco
  • The Grandes Dames of Champagne: A toast to three legendary wine widows


Plus, there’s tipsy travelling, the drinks that rose from the grave, a death-defying trip round the best street food in Paris and an explosive experiment with eight strong drinks and a vintage SodaStream machine.

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Lovely bubbly!