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The Future Issue

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PDF edition is available as part of The Lost Issues Volume 2

Come – stare in slack-jawed amazement into the thrilling neon future of booze.

This brave new world promises robot sommeliers, edible bottles, synthetic alcohol, genetically modified super yeasts and machines that vaporize your cocktails and blast them into your face. Sounds spectacular, doesn’t it?

You’ll learn what to do with your booze post-apocalypse, where wildlife is under threat from vineyards through climate change and how Bender the Robot (the perfect poster boy for the future of booze) would cure a hangover.

As exciting as the future is, we’ve always got time for the past too. We romp through the 3,000-year history of the wine glass, consider how Alexander the Great conquered all but the bottle and take lessons in anti-marketing from the Trappist monks of Saint Sixtus Abbey – brewers of the world’s best beer.

Oh, and let’s not forget the present – you’ve got to love the present. We interviewed the brains behind Café ArtScience, a new ‘no-boundaries think-tank cum restaurant’ in Boston, were introduced to the sweetly intoxicating world of advocaat in Belgium and investigated why so many bars are so keen to keep themselves a secret these days.