Hot Rum Cow the lost issues volume 3

The Lost Issues Vol. 3 (PDF)

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The third bundle of long unavailable issues available to download as PDFs.

The Scotland Issue

Welcome to Scotland. Hot Rum Cow's home and a country soused, for better or for worse, in booze. Our eighth issue is the first dedicated to the drinking culture, contribution and characters of one nation, and we're keeping it local. And why not, when Scotland is and always has been such a well-lubricated place?

Delving into the history of Scottish drink we reveal the ingenuity, persistence, bar-room philosophy, dissolute living and underdog spirit that made Scotland a heavyweight of world booze and helped forge the character of its people.

We introduce the behemoths of bevvy – 10 Scots who lit up the drinking world in their own way. From whisky pioneer Friar John Cor, to street philosopher Rab C. Nesbitt via some of Scotland's most innovative and idiosyncratic products and producers.

The whole magazine's sodden with Scotch. We're wearing it, cooking it, feeding it to the fish, combusting it, and blasting it into space before we bring it out of its shell at the cocktail party by updating four classic whisky cocktails.

We also crack the drink-dress code with a definitive Sartorial Guide to Drinking and peer into the figurative far corner of the fridge to discover the wonderful world of mouldy, rotten drinks.

Thirsty for more? We've got bodega mice, Nordic nips, a drunken octopus, edible testicles, giant aphids, kings, fog, sea dogs and blood.

The Time Machine Issue

Dr Emmett Brown. Bill S. Preston, Esq. Dr Sam Beckett. Gary Sparrow. To this inspiring roll call of the time travelling community’s bravest and brightest you can now add the creators of this humble drinks magazine (the finest available to humanity).

Issue 10 of Hot Rum Cow has driven our ragged rabble of seekers and suppers to the farthest reaches yet. Our pursuit of the origins of good drinking has taken us back in time. Join us as we plunge headlong into the Hot Rum Time Machine and bear witness at the birth of all that is good in booze.

Emerging from the vortex you will learn:

  • How we can thank monks for everything from hoppy beers, to drinkable wine and macerated magic in a glass
  • The perils and pitfalls of re-creating your own 600-year-old ale
  • How to lay on the drink-soaked medieval banquet your castle deserves
  • The 2,000 year history of Pulque, Mexico’s ultimate rebel drink
  • How defying the devil and wooing women gave rise to the toasts of today
  • The rules of Ancient Greek beer pong and Tang dynasty spin-the-bottle

Bringing it back to the future we have Dan Aykroyd and Boris Yeltsin, gallons of mead and perry, a lesson in sabrage, coffee cocktails, the world’s largest glass of beer and the good and bad in drinks advertising.

The America Issue

One Nation under Booze, indivisible, with hoppy beer and classic cocktails for all – welcome to America.

There are no half measures when it comes to alcohol and the USA. Few countries have had a more complex relationship with the delightful/demon drink. They have loved it, they have hated it, they have tried to ban it, they have killed for it. But to this day, from sea to shining sea, pioneering American producers are making some of the most exciting liquor in the world.

Saddle up for issue 11 and enjoy:

  • The long road to Prohibition: Charting the USA’s love-hate relationship with alcohol
  • Lost Spirits: Meet Bryan Davis – distiller, heretic, resurrectionist, mischief-maker, tinkerer with time and scourge of the barrel
  • Drop a hop bomb on your home: Recreating American craft beer classics in your own home
  • No City for Saints: A 36-hour hit-and-run on the USA’s biggest cocktail festival in New Orleans
  • The last juke joint: Another wild night in Alabama’s last juke joint with its remarkable proprietor, Mr Gip
  • Nice ice, baby: Insulin, instant mash, Wonderbras, ice cider … let’s raise a glass to the latest great Canadian invention
  • Find your style: Sip it, shoot it, mix it – the best in Bourbon

And, as if that’s not enough, we launch three brand new series on mastering the morning after, drinkeries of distinction and beautiful booze design.