The Tequila Issue

The Tequila Issue

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Not many drinks can claim to be divine in provenance, fermented and distilled from the physical embodiment of a goddess. From its spiritual roots, tequila has undergone an evolution which has seen it become a multi-billion dollar business, helping to establish a nation’s identity along the way. And yet, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, with the future uncertain. The Tequila Issue charts the history, development and future of ‘vino de mezcal’.

Elsewhere in the issue:

  • Nudes, sunsets and mezcal with Del Maguey founder, Ron Cooper
  • Find your mezcal style
  • The motherless, maltreated and misunderstood Margarita 

Plus, drinking in the Double Down Saloon, drunk monkeys, an even drunker Lemmy, drunken singing, drinking under the volcano with Malcolm Lowry, and, after all that drinking, four of the most undrinkable hangover cures in Christendom.