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The Whisky Issue

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PDF edition is available as part of The Lost Issues Volume 1

Here's a magazine to light a fire in the belly. Our third issue's been steeped in Scotch and bathed in Bourbon. It's awash with the water of life. It's submerged in shots, doused in drams and soused in Scotland's national drink (and we're not talking Irn Bru). Whisky's the word. Everyone's favourite rebel spirit. Icon, scourge, muse, luxury, mystery - distilled liquid gold.

We have been trotting the whisky globe seeking out the best on your behalf. We've been digging up whisky's murky and subversive past and looking to its future. But we've not just got spirit. We've got flaming cocktails, picnic wine, the howl of the hops, and the usual eye-wateringly strong, obscure liqueurs. Even our cup of tea's got booze in it.

What's that Culture Vulture? What's in it for me? Well, there's poetry with Liz Lochhead, literature with Mark Twain, Michelin-starred cooking with Paul Kitching and Olivier Award-winning acting with Brian Cox.